Augmented Reality

Imagine flipping through a magazine, newsletter, or brochure, seeing an ad for a hotel and being able to tour the facility, download meeting room information, and book rooms without having to type a url to a website or turn the page. Welcome to Augmented Reality – the latest emerging technology!

What is it and how does it work?

Augmented Reality (AR) is the layering of media (video, music, text, picture, graphics, animation) on top of a live video feed to create an interactive experience. You simply download the app, hold your smart phone or tablet to scan the picture in the ad and prepare to be taken somewhere else. Maybe a video pops up, maybe you’re redirected to a website, or a phone number appears to call and reserve your seats for dinner? All in all, it’s a way to add another dimension to previously printed materials.

We have been working really hard to develop innovative ways to bring print to life for our customers and really excited to be able to offer this to them! Using augmented reality not only allows us to bring added value and ROI to our clients, but it also gives us the opportunity to educate our customers using an emerging technology that has many exciting applications.

How do you get your customers to install the app?

You need to let them know the piece has Augmented Reality.

You also need to give them a reason to scan –tell them what they’ll get.
Photos? Video? Coupons? Promotional Offers? What’s in it for them?