Meet Our Team!

Paul is the Vice-President of Konhaus Marketing & Communications and is a really cool guy. He is also our Data Specialist. Paul works on all mail Data that comes into the company to make sure mail pieces get to your customer's and prospects quickly & efficiently. He is passionate about address quality!

Kyle has been overseeing the graphic design department at Konhaus Marketing & Communications for a long time. Since way back in the days of cut and paste. She knows that loving her job is what keeps her motivated and wanting to work FOR her clients. Variety is the spice of life, and Kyle is always thinking of new and fresh ideas to help YOUR business grow.

Sarah is our Business Development Manager & EDDM Specialist. She is one of the first faces you will see at Konhaus and is happy to help with any questions or concerns you have about your marketing or printing. She brings a lot of creative ideas and suggestions to the table to help you get your optimum results for your business!

Jason is a true multi-tasker. He's our Data Specialist & Postal & Mailing Services Liaison who ensures that your mailing list is up to date, your mail is USPS compliant, and that your piece makes it to its intended recipients. In his free time, Jason enjoys playing video games, and napping with his wife and 2 cats.

Pauly is the resident jokester. If you see a rubberband soaring through the air, it most likely came from Pauly. But aside from the joking around Pauly is our Direct Mail Coordinator. He accomplishes a great deal of work in the mailing area. He strives for high quality. From sorting, to collating......inserting to sealing......A to Z, you can also count on him. And he has the most contagious laughter you'll ever hear!